Summer is coming!

  • Rev. Analbumcover
    • Jade Killjoy

      dont you mean riding shot gun? also nice watch line

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        No, he’s from the United States of Freedom where we drive on the right and the driver sits on the left, like sane people.

        • Lerk

          (And by sane people, you mean continental Europeans)


    • Dragonofarbitration

      I wonder what an adult actresses tan line would look like? Would she even have one?

      • Das Puggy

        Finally, a question that I know the answer to!!!

        Yes, even though you can naked tan in salons, a lot of the actors still live in CA, and they have to cover their areas in public.

    • Train Driver

      Mine is the opposite arm.

  • brujah1381

    Was the guy waterskiing in transexual Transylvania?

    • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

      How do you do I… see you met my… faithful handyman

  • The People’s Poet

    Hmmm, but I am always tanned…

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