Some people are deep thinkers. Others… not so much.

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  • awesome bill from dawsonville

    some fear they’ll be forgotten, some fear they’ll be remembered …

    • I kinda lean towards the latter. I find it comforting to think that it won’t take long for the world to completely forget that I ever existed after I kick the bucket.

      • Das Puggy

        I feel sad to read that.
        There was a guy at my workplace who died from a heart attack a few years ago. I found his hammer (with his initials, in his writing) in a computer cubbyhole, and almost lost my shit. So did a few of my co-workers who knew him. I would feel sad that people would forget me so quickly after I perished.

        • awesome bill from dawsonville

          perhaps, when you’ve made too many mistakes, burned too many bridges, hurt too many people … it’s better to just be forgotten, than to be remembered for the monster that you were

          • Das Puggy

            That’s even more sad. I’ve made mistakes when dealing with people, but I would prefer to be remembered for something after I die rather than not be missed in the least.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I already am forgotten. When you’re 6 feet tall and able to walk across a classroom without people noticing, it’s kinda bad. But it’s also one thing that frustrates me the most, people never seem to listen to me when i’m in a conversation, and someone else starts talking

    • Jimmy Larsen

      You are not alone in this. I´m not 6 feet tall, but I do weight 350 lbs and still the only people that sees me are those who yells degrading stuff at me.
      People never listen to me either. They interrupt mid sentence or just walk away as I talk, because apparently nothing I say is heard. It’s a frustrating thing too have too live with. I feel with you and I wish for you too one day find someone who sees you and listenes to you. Atleast that is all I want from life.

      • RaddClaw

        You too Jimmy, fuck those who talk shit to you, we’re listening to you as well, cheer up 🙂

    • RaddClaw

      You won’t be forgotten, cheer up dude, we are listening here, talk to us 🙂 … we’re cool, I promise

    • Glaarg

      You say something?
      (Just kiddin brah – couldn’t resist.)

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I just wish people would invite me to get-togethers, which is harder to plan with online friends, especially when i’m in college and don’t drive

    • FizzPop

      Virtual hugs. I think many of us here have similar experiences, which is why we are here.
      I know it can’t help in a more effective way, like actually being physical company, but we can at least listen.

    • BlackSwan

      I definitely understand. :'( *gentle hugs*I’m sorry hun. :'(

  • ComputerPony

    I don’t exactly fear being forgotten… Because I’m not all that great. But it does sadden me when I am. Heck, struggling with all my depression; the only reason I’m not dead right at the moment is because I know that I would not be forgotten by my family. So… It’s good to know you’ll be remembered kinda?

  • Patchy

    Ah yes, that classic narcissistic desire for everyone to know who you are.

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