“I’m a ball now.”


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  • ThatGuy

    I like the tiny jump before he transformed

    • Tiberius

      I just hear “Autobots Roll out”

      • Tanya Wicht

        *Transformadillos roll out (not dildos this time, nearly a terrible typo – lol)

        • Awkward Penguin

          I read it as transformadildos and giggled. I’m also vividly imagining a transformadildo

          • Tanya Wicht

            I was too – lol – I wonder if there is transformer porn? ( I am not googling it, which shows I do learn from my fails…)

          • http://myanimelist.net/profile/LadySirenia Lady.S

            Turns out there is, rule 34 doesn’t fail. Hetero, gay, inter-species; something for everyone.

        • Gnome Anne

          I missed transformadildos?!

  • lizziesmama

    As an Ohioan – I find armadillos to be one of the creepiest animals ever and I hope I never see one in nature/squished across the highway.

  • awesome bill from dawsonville

    just getting ready for the kickoff

  • benjammin1701

    Just Samus Aran doin’ her thang

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