I Need My Inhaler Too

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  • ThatGuy

    That’s it. I’m done. Good bye. See you later

    • http://meilidraw.com Stickers the Bum

      bye, cya, take care, dont write

      • ThatGuy

        I’ll tell you everything when I come back

        • http://meilidraw.com Stickers the Bum

          what kind of whisky shell i have waiting when you get back

          • ThatGuy

            All of them

          • http://meilidraw.com Stickers the Bum

            i would, but have you seen the price of gas? id need to hit atleast 5 LCBO’s to get them all, and at like $5/US gal, fuck that, you get 1, if i feel like walking over there

          • ThatGuy

            Take whatever you want, friend. My treat

  • Armie

    I think my brain might be broken this morning, because I did not even notice it was weird.

  • Richard Rejmer

    Difference between “Erotic” and “Kinky”?
    “Erotic” is when he tickles your pussy with a feather. . . .
    “Kinky” is when he rubs your pussy with an entire chicken.

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