Shower thoughts

  • Lady.S

    I don’t think that I’ve ever said it out loud, but I’ve certainly thought about it. “Sanitation worker” btw.
    That being said, all of the “garbage men” that I’ve ever known or encountered were actually men. I know of women that work in the sorting part of the building that the stuff is brought to though.

    • Gordon Westman

      Sanitation worker sounds a lot more dignified. Garbage man could also be used to refer to and alcoholic obese wife-beater.

    • Fobia(Kadin)

      So you’re saying there’s a deficit of females in the field? We need to fix this!

    • gdowson

      This has certainly been thought about in the UK. Obviously it was “bin man” rather “garbageman” as we don’t use the word “garbage” or “trash” for that matter.

      They are now:
      “Refuse collection officers” , “Refuse collectors” and in absurd cases “Waste management and disposal technicians” – although I suspect that last one, which is a bit of a punchline about inflated job titles, is actually for someone who runs a recycling/landfill plant rather than a traditional bin man.

      • Sisi

        I wanted to be rag-and-bone woman when I was a kid.

        • gdowson

          Feed the birds, tuppence a bag?

      • Dragonofarbitration

        There’s a local company where I live called “Amalgamated Facilities Management”. Guess what they do.

      • Galina Evdokimova

        that’s the problem for me with these new names – they are too long, bin man – 6 letters, everything you’ve mentioned … all this gender netruel and not-to-offend-every-special-snowflack-stuff – don’t we have real problems?

        • gdowson

          I’m sure the people who got together to rename “bin men” weren’t distracted from more important work because that was the entirety of their job.

    • Das Puggy

      I worked with a few women when I was shotgun on a garbage truck.

    • Max

      We have both garbage men and women here in India though.

  • Rohan Hampson

    Come to Australia where every job has a nickname. They’re not Garbagemen, they’re Garbo’s.

  • lizziesmama

    I say mailman – knowing full well our mail carrier is a woman.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I have

  • poodle16

    Great episode, worth the watch. Especially to see what they did with the industrial fridge….
    “Women in Garbage”

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