Extreme dude

  • iLikePie

    are those… sprinkles on the side?

    • brujah1381

      Bro sprinkles

      • NotMyName


  • Charles Dance!

    Two fragile masculinity posts in a row?

  • Credulous

    Pink donuts sure seems like bronut

  • lizziesmama

    I don’t know – the cream sticks that are sliced down the side seems like it might be a little frightening for any bro.

  • The People’s Poet

    Your first mistake was thinking people needed gendering on things like doughnuts and flavoured milk products.

  • Vava

    Hmm, someone’s got an agenda here…
    Also fuck everyone ’cause now I want donuts!!!

  • MordenGeist

    Did you just assume my donut’s gender?!?

    ..wait is this still a thing? >.> <.<

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