Having a bad day?

  • FizzPop

    Not soon enough.

    • Max

      I know, right? Life’s taking way too long.

      • The People’s Poet

        Well if you don’t want it, can I siphon off your life to extend my own?

        • Max

          I will be happy to! But you have to promise me one thing. You will have to use the time to do something good, not just for you but also for betterment of humanity. You’ll have to use the time better than I ever could. How you do it is up to you.

          • The People’s Poet

            Helping humanity is beyond one person, but I would definitely try to help those who I honestly believe need/deserve help. Given enough life force, I could out live many generations of people and be a living book of history.

            Having lived so long, and seen so much via traveling to all the countries, learning all the languages and studying all the flora and fauna, I would be a repository of all that had come before; and I would offer it freely to any who showed a willingness to listen and learn.

            Much of the strife we endure is due to repeating the past and misunderstanding due to language and/or cultural barriers, but if I could change just a few peoples perspectives, it could make a world of difference.

          • Max

            Your reply resonated with me on so many levels!

            Right now I feel too old, too exhausted. But there was a time when I used to be excited about life and things in general. At that time I wished I could live for a long time, like 500 years. There would be so much I could do! Like, I love physics and wanted to be a theoretical physicist. Maybe I could work at CERN LHC (One can dream, right?) maybe for 30 – 40 years. I also love technology and software. I would want to work on machine learning. Another 30 – 40 years. Another field I love is cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Maybe another 30 – 40 years.

            All these learning from different fields would give me perspective that might not be easy to come by if you are too focused on only one field. So I would try to solve some real world problems. I probably sound like a mad man. But if we did live up to be 500 years old, just imagine the potential. Like you said, we will be living breathing history books. We will have perspective. I mean by the time we are 100 years old, we would be mature enough to think in the long term. I think people would be able to make better decisions having lived for 100 or 200 years than we are able to when we are only 30 years old. I guess quality of life in general would be better.

      • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

        It’s dragging day by day.

      • FizzPop

        It’s a dreadfully heavy weight. And when you bear that weight alone, it’s terribly painful.

        • Max

          I know exactly what you mean. That heaviness. I have been facing some things myself. We all have our crosses to bear. But if you ever feel like sharing, I am all ears.

          • FizzPop

            And, likewise.
            I know I haven’t replied to your last communication, yet. It’s been on mind numerous times a day, every day. I’m getting there, I’ll try explain as best I can, when I can. I hate that I’m keeping you waiting. Sorry :/

          • Max

            I don’t know whether you remember this or not but I think we chatted on facebook. And then I asked you something, can’t remember for the life of me what (now I have deleted my account so can’t even check). And then you said you will reply.
            I waited.

            But you never replied. I guessed instead of saying “you’re boring, I won’t reply”, you were being polite and said you would reply later.

            I thought you got bored again and will probably won’t reply anymore.
            But it’s okay. Take your time.

          • FizzPop

            I realise it looks like that – and I know it looks like I’m making excuses. I am sorry.
            This is why it’s been on my mind every day.
            I typed a whole lot, now, but I copied and pasted it into the ever growing mail I’m composing, which is waiting impatiently to be sent. I think I should rather touch on it there.
            I’ll probably have to send the next one in waves again, so maybe you’ll get a bit tonight

            I do remember that, though. It wasn’t that I was bored with the conversation. It’s almost that I become too enthusiastic and then can’t handle it and so sort of freeze up.
            I’ll get back to that mail now. Or this will end up turning into it.

    • Drop Message

      We should make a club or something.

      Oh, wait, we kinda have. Yay?

      Though honestly, I have noticed I am less grumpy in the past few months than I used to be. I mean, sure, my health is still shot to shit (not as bad as bad as Swan’s though), but mostly, I just really fucking miss our dog. Other than that, things are not going too terribly for now. Stressful, but not shitty. I’m getting a bit suspicious actually. Something must be lurking around the corner.

      Also, I gotta get a job (graduating, hopefully). Oh, there it is! Ah well.

      I do hope things get better for you, if the status quo has been found lacking.

      Holy shit, I’m almost being positive here. WTF?! Aha, I see it’s 3am on a Sunday morning, a.k.a. rambling time. 😀

      • Max

        Bro hug?

        • Drop Message

          Bro hug.

      • FizzPop

        I feel you. I’m glad, despite, that things seem better – even if slightly.
        I’m sorry there’s been so much pain for you, I do hope that everything continues to improve for you – I’m struggling to find the right things to say… I’ve typed and removed a whole lot of attempts, here. I’m struggling to think straight at this point in time :/
        Just, glad I have this club of lols and other company, for the dark moments. *virtual hugs

        • Drop Message

          I’ve typed and removed a whole lot of attempts, here.

          Now there’s something I can relate to. We should found a club for that, too. I very much appreciate the empathy, and apologize for causing you so much work. 😉

          Hugs out (EDIT: for tonight, not permanently, I mean).

          EDIT 2: Also, if more heavy unloading is ever required, I would not be opposed to that, though disqus is probably not the appropriate medium for that. I have been told that, allegedly, I am capable of empathy as well. Though it has not been rigorously scientifically proven.

  • Ranger Joe

    “We are put here to do good for others…what the others are here for I have no idea.” W.H. Auden

  • ComputerPony

    There’s no words to describe how accurate this is to me. Because I can’t just off and die. >~>

  • RaddClaw

    Cheer up everybody … 🙁

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