The IT life

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  • perthaussieguy

    Why does the ‘IT guy’ look like a Meerkat?

    • Shivers

      Because the percentage of furries that work in IT is staggering. And thus the percentage of IT people that are furries is also quite high.

      • perthaussieguy

        Ummmmmm thank you …… I think… :/

      • Gnome Anne

        There’s a disturbing image, considering I have to work with the IT department pretty regularly on projects… I swear to God, if any of them come in wearing a fucking furry costume…

        • Shivers

          Addendum: only about 5% of furries have a “suit”, and another 10-15% have a couple minor parts like a tail they can stick on the back of their pants or something 😛

          Most furries are pretty chill. The ones that aren’t are just horrifyingly outspoken.

          • ComputerPony

            I know, right? I don’t get why people give us such a bad rep.

          • Gnome Anne

            You haven’t met my company’s IT department lol They would be the kind to show up in full suit lol

      • ComputerPony

        I’d be working in IT if I didn’t hate networking. Tried to learn it and it just bored the fuck outa me.

    • Yuki-Hime

      Oh my god karen you cant just ask someone why theyre a meerkat

    • Andre Poreskin

      Because Meerkats are murdery, and if you push IT guys enough they’ll follow you home and murder you in your sleep.

  • The People’s Poet
  • Justin Geer

    So glad I skipped that profession. I still fix peoples problems but I can be brass enough to call them an idiot without some office loser getting butthurt.

  • Ambrose Cruicksley

    Owning a computer repair shop is 11 times worse.

  • slayz

    even if the guy in the 1st pane is looking at the right monitor, his cursor will be moving in the wrong direction.

  • Destinee

    I’m often awestruck when people my age (28) are clueless. “This website doesn’t work.” “You need java.” “java doesn’t work.” “Have you tried using it on a different browser.” “It doesn’t work in Chrome.” “Firefox?” He never answered my question, just blamed IT and told me to print the files. Shockingly this happens often.

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