Waiting for over 15 minutes… I completely understand.

  • The Original Green Arrow

    If you finish it before you get to the register it’s free!

    • Mister_B_Posters

      Alternatively, just go straight out to your car. Don’t worry about the siren sounding as you go out the door. Maybe.

      • Sans Ovaries

        Nah, all you have to do is already have purchased some things, then when the siren goes off, you just awkwardly shrug your shoulders like, ‘What am I doing with my hands’ and normally they just flag you on.

        • Shivers

          That and avoid the things that have theft detector things in them. No one’s gonna add anti-theft stickers to ice cream.

          • Das Puggy

            They will now.

    • lizziesmama

      I watched a family in Walmart get fried chicken at the deli counter and eat it while walking through the store. They threw away the evidence before they got to the register. So according to them, your logic makes complete and total sense.

  • Vava

    She looks like she “ain’t taking any of your shit”.

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