Should he open with “I Love This Bar” or “Who’s Your Daddy”?

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  • perthaussieguy

    Wikipedia states – A Muslim is someone who follows or practices Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. Muslims consider the Quran (Koran), their holy book, to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad.

    Does President Trump actually, really understand this? Considering his stance on trying to ban all Muslims from certain countries how is he going to convince his audience he is not racist?
    Oh…..of course, silly me. By saying “Number one, I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person,”
    He probably actually believes himself on this. He is translating
    “Muslim” into “Terrorist” in his mind and has no idea that other people
    interpret this differently.


    • brilliant_observer

      Starting off with “I am the least anti-Semitic person” won’t win him any favours over there either.

    • Riechart

      I love how a 60 – 120 day pause in letting people in from 7 countries so the new administration can evaluate the vetting process is considered a ban.

      • brujah1381

        60-120 days, unless it’s renewed by executive order for whatever reason the President determines is valid, so technically it could be an indefinite pause which qualifies as a ban.

        • Riechart

          Words have meanings. Indefinate – lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time. At most it will be 8 years, but as it was written it does have a time limit (60 -120 days).

          Still don’t understand the hysteria about pausing and making sure the vetting process for people coming into this country is so horribly wrong.

          • brujah1381

            Because during the campaign Trump promised a ban on Muslims entering the country, this was his attempt at fulfilling that promise as legally as he could. The other problem is that the new vetting process requires records that people in a country like Syria that had been bombed to hell probably aren’t going to be able to get so it is effectively a permanent ban on refugees from that country or any other country that is either in the same situation or never had the infrastructure to keep such records. The last thing is that order doesn’t cover any of the countries that have produced terrorists that have attacked the U.S because Trump has business interests in those countries so the point of the order as a national security measure is kind of laughable. That is why I oppose it at any rate.

      • Dawn

        Yes, it’s strange that people thought a 60-120 day ban was a ban.

    • PizzaInesen

      Religion is not a fucking race. If you think he’s a racist for not liking Islam, you’re the fucking racist here.

      • brujah1381

        Hispanic is a race, he hasn’t exactly been warm and fuzzy to them either.

        • Christine

          Hispanic is an ethnicity. There are black, white, and “other” Hispanic people.

        • PizzaInesen

          Only the illegal ones. The media tried to spin it that way, him not liking Hispanics under any circumstances. Which is false.

          • brujah1381

            He said “Mexicans are rapists” and ” they aren’t sending the good ones”, those are the words out of his mouth not media spin.

          • PizzaInesen

            Watch the video where he says it, and it will be clear to you that it’s just a media spin.

          • brujah1381

            I watched the whole press conference probably 5 or 6 times by now, it was not media spin, it’s who he is.

          • PizzaInesen
          • brujah1381

            Again, I’ve seen it half a dozen times already, and what he says in this clip is not only racist and awful, it’s just not true. This is worldview that Trump promoted to attract a certain type of voter and to appeal to a certain kind of fear in those voters and he continues to do that as president ramping up deportation of non violent immigrants and pushing for a ban on Muslims entering the country. The reason why no other previous president ever started a program of mass deportation is because it’s a stupid solution to a complicated problem and for the most part illegal immigrants are not a crime problem. If you want to make it to where the only Mexicans coming over the border are drug mules and murderers, build a wall and make it very difficult to cross. The cartels are going to find a way to get their people through because they have billions of dollars worth of incentive to find cracks in the wall, but the guy that wants to come pick fruit for the summer
            to make a few hundred bucks doesn’t have the same incentive. The criminals will still get through and now produce is more expensive at the supermarket, sounds like a win-win to me. Actions have consequences and we have an idiot president, he’s taking idiotic actions and they are going to lead to dire consequences. I still haven’t gotten a sensible answer as to why, after 100+ days in office and all the promises he’s broken and all the shit he’s fucked up, people still support this guy.

          • PizzaInesen

            To me, you either do not understand English or you haven’t watched, if you still believe he said ALL Mexicans are rapists.

            People are still supporting him because he tries to get done some of the main promises he made during the campaign. But hey, there’s only so much a President can do if you don’t wan’t a dictator.

          • brujah1381

            Not All Mexicans, just the ones that are here in the U.S., because they aren’t sending us their best. A few, he assumes, are good people, but most of the Mexican immigrants are human trash is what he was saying, or maybe you don’t understand English.

            What has he accomplished so far? He got his Supreme Court justice only after McConnell changed the rules of the game. His Attorney General is kicking the drug war into high gear. His EPA chief is doing everything he can to burn the planet to the ground. The Dakota Access Pipeline he made sure to green light because he is financially tied to it has already leaked twice and it’s not even fully operational yet. His health care bill is Obamacare, just a million times worse. His budget he submitted today has a $2 trillion error. His Muslim immigration ban is Constitutionally dubious, if not illegal. The wall hasn’t broken ground. ISIS is still active well beyond his 30 day promise. Most of the things he promised during the campaign he either will not get done or he has already stepped back from because he realized they were impossible or stupid, or both. Add in the increasing evidence that his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election and he’s committed obstruction of justice at least twice so far trying to cover it up, plus all of the other ridiculous blunders and scandals that have occurred in only a hundred some odd days, we have four years of this guy and it already feels like it’s been twenty. I don’t honestly know why people still support this man, I can’t see a rational reason to.

          • PizzaInesen

            He didn’t explicitly call all Mexicans rapists, only the bad ones that are entering the country illegally. And guess why they’re bad.

            It wasn’t a Muslim ban, it was only a halt in immigration from seven nations so they could verify or improve the vetting. Only the ones from Syria were banned from entering the country on an indefinite time basis. He hasn’t banned Muslims from living in the USA, and THAT is not legal nor constitutional.

            ISIS has already stated many years ago that they will infiltrate the stream of migrants leaving from the Middle East and Africa. What are we supposed to do? Let them in? It’s just common sense if one believe in self defense, to ban people from other areas of the world entering your own nation if immigration from that region will hurt your own country. What if everyone leaving, let’s say Syria, are Nazis. Would you let them in by the millions as Europe has? I think you wouldn’t want that, unless you’re Nazi which I highly doubt.

            There is nothing unconstitutional in protecting the citizens of the USA.

            As for the wall, that one is hilarious and I don’t believe it will work.

            Well, it’s hard to fight ISIS when they are using military equipment USA left them and when they are getting funded by Saudi-Arabia and Qatar to name a few. Also, there is a hell of a lot of geopolitics involved and many different interests to take into account.

            As for the Russian conspiracy, ie. hacking of the election, that one is also hilarious as well. They have been going on and on for a year now(?) and the biggest and probably best intelligence services in the world hasn’t managed to produce a single shred of evidence. I wonder why…

            And when you’re mentioning the war on drugs, supreme court nominee and the pipeline etc., I haven’t been paying attention (since I’m not American) to those subjects so I won’t comment on them.

            In my honest opinion, I believe the reason for why people support him is because he has become (intentionally or not) the counterbalance to the politically correct hellhole we’ve been living in for well over a decade now.

          • brujah1381

            I’m just going to touch on Russia now since I’m pressed for time and I’ll get to the other things later. There is evidence, most of it is classified so the people that have seen it can’t tell the masses what it is, but those that are in the know have stated repeatedly in hearings that they have seen evidence of collusion but it’s classified information.

          • PizzaInesen

            The story is presented to us by the same people who told us Saddam Hussein had WMD.

            One thing I’ve come to learn, is that one should never trust any of the agencies in anything they say when they make such major claims. They lied about the Vietnam War, they lied about Saddam Hussein havind WMD, and the head of the intelligence agencies told us “…no, we don’t spy on the American people…”. Who knows, they might have lied about Assad gassing his Syrian people.

            Take from it what you want; one thing is for sure, I’m never going to trust these agencies in anything they say.

          • brujah1381

            Ok, but then look at how Trump and everyone around him is reacting to what is being said. They are blatantly and really clumsily attempting a cover up of something. At this point it doesn’t really matter if they were actually colliding, they’ve committed obstruction of justice at least twice and it’s looking like up to four times trying to bury the investigation, but why commit felonies trying to cover up something you aren’t guilty of? The only logical reason to try to block the investigation if they didn’t do what they are accused of is they are afraid that an investigation is going to uncover other crimes because they are acting guilty as fuck.

      • Tanya Wicht

        His being a racist is not the point of this post, his being an ignorant bigot is.

        • Dawn

          I wouldn’t go so far as to call him an ignorant bigot. That implies he believes what he says and has no ulterior motives.

      • perthaussieguy

        I hear what you are saying. I am sorry that you thought I was confusing religion and race. I was trying to point out he has proven himself to be very intolerant of many ‘groups’ of people yet still holds himself ‘the least this’ or ‘the best that’ (‘In your entire life’, no less). However, he has also proven that he will backpeddle on anything that suits him at the time.

  • Ashen

    everyone press previous before you get sucked into the shitstorm that is the comment section

  • Dawn

    I’m surprised no one’s commented on the irony of having a musician in a country that doesn’t allow music in public (except one specific traditional instrument that is viewed as acceptable).

    Yes, having lived in Saudi, I know the majority of people do listen to music. This doesn’t change the fact that music and dancing is viewed as a naughty taboo – nor does it change the fact that the former (music) isn’t playing in public at all. Ie, not in shops, not in elevators, not when you wait on hold on the phone. Instead, it’s only listened to on private devices, on private property, or in embassy parties.

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