The Flash is faster than Superman.

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  • Max

    Who would win in a fight between Stan Lee and Darth Vader?

    • Vader

      He aint my writer so who you friggin think?

    • japanusrelations

      Darth Vader: because Vader is an actual person and Stan Lee is a marketing gimmick of a multinational conglomerate, just like Spuds MacKenzie and Miley Cyrus are.

  • Flockacox

    Why would he care about flash and superman???

  • Coffeeinator3000

    if someone asked him who would win flash or superman he would probably beat the shit outta them cause hes marvel and not DC.

  • Charles Dance!

    I feel like The Flash could basically kill anyone he’d want to, if he wanted to.

    • The People’s Poet

      Even One-Above-All?

      • Charles Dance!

        Hmm that’s a tough one. Would he allow him to?

        • The People’s Poet

          It might allow The Flash to believe he won, if it served a purpose.

      • Charles Dance!

        That is assuming you would consider DC and Marvel to be technically connected.

        • The People’s Poet

          Well they fight enough to be consider to be capable of entering each others dimensions.

          • Charles Dance!

            There’s also the Amalgam Comics.

  • Chris

    These question fuel the comicbook fandom…. they will never end.

  • Andrew Clayton

    Moon Knight beat Deadpool, obviously who the writers want to win. I’m a huge Moon Knight fan and even I know that was bs.

  • Matthew de Raadt

    Who would win in a fight, Stan Lee or the ghost of Jack Kirby?

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