The harsh reality

  • perthaussieguy

    My experiences with Asian ladies is that they don’t handle humour as you would expect.
    (Though this one is obviously staged)

    • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

      Yeah, it’s clearly staged. No one is really that terrifyingly ugly. I wonder who did her makeup.

    • Max

      Are you talking about Asian ladies who grew up in western countries?

      Edit: If not, it could be cultural difference. Western humor is different than the humor I was used to growing up. It took me a while before I developed a “western sense of humor”.

      • perthaussieguy

        From the three ladies with whom I was in long term relationships, one grew up in a western country and had a great sense of humour. One was born in and lived in mainland China and had a very limited sense of humour and hardly understood western humour. The third grew up in an asian country and moved to Australia in her teens. She had a combination of understanding. Many acquaintences and friends who are asian also have various degrees of humour understanding.
        American humour vs British humour comes into this category too. I can’t understand the humour of some American comedy shows. Married with Children, Benson and Soap were incredibly funny but Sienfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond leave me stoney faced.

        • Max

          Haha. I haven’t watched any of the American comedy shows you like but I loved Seinfeld and I thought Everybody Loves Raymond was okay. Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley, Big Bang Theory are some of my favorites.

        • daverbes

          I was born and raised in the states and don’t like Seinfeld or Raymond and loved Benson and Soap, so it’s not just you.

          • perthaussieguy

            Thank you

  • Jens
  • James

    That’s something I would do. lmao My lady would just hit me not walk away though.

    • Gnome Anne

      I’m laughing my ass off, this is totally something hubby and I would do to each other

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