99% of buyers on Craigslist

  • Max

    So who on earth is Craig and what list did he make?

    • perthaussieguy

      Personally I think it’s an alias for Santa Claus ‘cos they both have ‘Naughty and Nice’ lists and Santa needs to know how much things will cost so he can work out his budget.
      There will be lots more ‘Naughty’ ones this year though. If you remember, Trump is going to open up more coal mines. He is in the ‘Know’.

    • AcidMan

      People trade/sell/other/buy items on Craig’s list ( http://www.craigslist.org ) and everyone including the non-sketchy people are magically transformed into sketchy people just by doing business on this site. I was selling Subaru parts awhile back, I’d get a text message for someone really interested in a part, they would typically say “oh yeah I don’t have the money right now, do you think you could hold it for me until I get it?” and then I would never hear back from them again, I would call, they would be gone permanently. My favorite was like the snap, someone would email or text me and ask me if I have something still, I would say yes, and then I would never hear back from them again. lol

      • Max

        I figured that’s what craig’s list was. Not today but I think here on lolsnaps there has been posts of many craig’s list ads. So I realized that’s what it was.

        • AcidMan

          Deciphering between sarcasm of foreigners and non-sarcasm is a tough business.

          • Max

            Yup. I know. And I am glad you replied. Your personal experiences were entertaining to read. I didn’t know such kind of trolling happened on Craig’s list and so frequently.

      • Hellyeah

        Sometimes I think it goes that way because I’m under some kind of curse – anybody who asks me any question on one of these (ie. craig list and alike) dies immediately after my answer. But hey, what can I do? 😉

  • Rokas Akanichas

    holy sh, this is beyond accurate

  • Snapdragon

    Although still annoying, I’d rather these people than the really sketchy ones. A coworker of mine (who is a bit high strung to begin with) tried to sell some expensive antiques on craigslist and someone responded by first trying to talk her down to almost pennies. She declined immediately. Then the guy tried to get her address from her to get a better look at the merchandise. She didn’t respond at this point so he tried to get her to meet up somewhere else. She suggested meeting up in a police station and then he never responded.

  • Tanya Wicht

    Will you take $100 for the goods worth $1000?

    • Gnome Anne

      Or the other end: “$1000 firm, no low ball offers, I know what I have”

  • Pickles

    His laptop converted into a tablet! Awesome!

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