Real life math

  • prometheus

    looks like bob went to one of those check-into-cash places.

  • Christopher

    Hood math

    • AcidMan

      My favorite hood math is from a movie called High School High, I can’t find a clip for it, probably because the movie was universally hated, but I thought it was pretty funny. It was hood math, sucks that I can’t find the clip for it.

      Here is the scene in the script-
      “You and three of your G’s
      are on someone else’s turf.
      You’re cruising along in your fly ride
      about 20 miles per.
      There’s a posse of eight homies just sitting
      in front of their crib, they’re just…
      chilling on the porch
      playing some fresh jams.
      – Who they got on the box?
      – I think they’re riffing with Tag Team…
      maybe some Ice, Snoop, Biggie,
      Junior MAFIA, whatever.
      They decide that they want to throw down.
      So, you and your boys, you pile out
      of your hooptie for the face-off.
      They have six baseball bats and two chains.
      You have three brass knuckles…
      and two sawed-off pool cues,
      you know, jimmy sticks.
      Now, what I want to know is
      what is the ratio…
      of metal weapons to wooden ones?”

  • Я Безымянный

    Zero, I bet.

    • Vladislav Richter

      Nope, 1:5000

      • sniz_and_fondue

        Close enough…

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