Going out with a (gang) bang

  • Barba_Negra

    On the other hand, I recently reported hate speech to Facebook where the person who typed it said “The fucking (nationality of immigrants)!!!We should all round them,chop them and send them in little pieces back to their country” but Facebook answered that type of language is “within the community standards”.

    • clok

      While i think that is beyond bad, i have to agree, we live in a country where free speech is allowed. In a case like that people just need to unfriend them, ignore them, do not pay any attention to them. On a personal level I would not allow them to be on any platform i had, but you don’t get it both ways, one of the good/bad with a a free speech system. You get to speak your mind no matter how horrible it is. But in the case i would think it borders on HATE speech area, and I think you can “remove it” without free speech people losing their shit. But Facebook is about money not free speech or hate speech.. just money.

      • Drop Message

        Free speech does not apply to Facebook though. They’re a private company, they can restrict speech on their platform pretty much how they see fit. You have no right to have a voice on their website. The government isn’t allowed to silence these people, but Facebook would be perfectly within their rights to ban them from any of their services.

        Of course, as you say, Facebook is about money, not ethics, so as long as they think it’s more profitable not to ban these people, they won’t. Twitter seems to be playing the same game.

        I help moderate a forum, and the amount of people who go crying to the admins about some bad moderator infringing on their free speech is both hilarious and surprisingly high. It’s usually quite funny when we tell them that

        a) Free speech is irrelevant on a private forum.
        b) We’re not even based in the US.

        • Novo Caine

          I work in FB, and seeing people whine about what they think how it is, and why something happened, but without knowing what the actual rules are is funny. What Barba said should have definitely been deleted, but like in any job, there is human error, as well as possible automation. There are 2 billion users, it takes time and a ton of knowledge to properly “police” the place, but as with all thing, people will hate what they don’t understand.

    • Tim

      Other times, they’ll give 3-day suspensions for calling someone an idiot. happened to a friend of mine.

      • Christine

        I got a 1-day suspension for using a completely legit word, given the context, that sometimes is used in a derogatory fashion. I think the word was “cretin”. Something stupid like that.

        • Gnome Anne

          They removed a post of mine from a month ago saying it was spam. It was a video of Nathan Barnett dancing and it said “when you walk into a spider web”. I responded that I disagree, and they refuse to put it back. How can I post spam on my own fucking page?

    • Rokas Akanichas

      i know that feel…

    • sniz_and_fondue

      Well, take comfort in the fact that Freedom is messy. Idiots like that are the first to cry about their first amendment rights when they suffer the repercussions of that kind of speech. They fail to realize. although you may have the right to say it, you don’t have the right not to suffer the consequences.

      If you really wanted to show them how that works, most idiots like that put a FaceBook link to their place of employment. Simply take a screen shot and forward it to them saying something like “Do you really want a person who post things like this having a public link to your company” 😉

      • Snapdragon

        The people who cry about the first amendment piss me off. Like you said, they’re free to say what they want but there can be consequences. Including being banned from facebook. The first amendment says the GOVERNMENT can’t stop you from saying what you want, but private companies or organizations can pretty much do what they want.

        • sniz_and_fondue

          Exactly. That’s why forwarding a shithead’s post of that kind of vitriolic garbage to their employers to me is fair game. I have to admit though, I don’t use social media, and really try to avoid ANY comments sections, either reading or posting. This site is pretty much the exception.

    • Arse Clown

      did they type their correctly?

    • Novo Caine

      If you believe something is against FB rules and it doesn’t get removed, report it again. Maybe it was mistakenly ignored, and it will be taken down if indeed it does violate the policies.

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