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  • brujah1381

    The officer is making sure that bear’s ass is clean before he sits on the plane seat with no pants on. They aren’t worried about bombs, they’re worried about dingleberries

    • Flockacox

      The officer looks like he hates his job… But then again, I would too if my job was to look for toilet paper stuck in your ass

      • sniz_and_fondue

        He’s got the look of “Well, only 10,000 more days of this until I can retire…”

    • Mister_B_Posters

      If he’s had a few too many dingleberries there’ll be a bomb of some other kind..

    • ThatGuy

      ewwww. again, i hate poop

  • Sometimes Funny

    Bear naked!

  • awesome bill from dawsonville

    allahu akbear!!!

    • Vava

      The only bear pun in this post that’s actually funny.

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