Stylish landing

  • Barba_Negra

    5.3 Degree of diffulty.
    10 Execution.
    8 Landing.

    • Hellyeah

      x2 for Double Damage!

  • Christopher

    Well I see a green light so I think the cars weren’t to blame

    • m4a4

      It’s.. blinking? Not sure if that means something, or it was just bad cam footage, but I can’t tell if those cars were driving through on a green (that light seems to blink yellow, and maybe red at first) or where they were planning on going (I don’t see any painted lanes).

      But I’d be willing to bet that the bike guy really misjudged going through a yellow light…..

      • Christopher

        Yeah I just noticed it was blinking yellow before it blinked green .

      • Sirperry

        Where I’m from blinking green means that the person that can see it has right of way for a left turn.. but I don’t know why there was some yellow.. also it wouldn’t make sense that bit would be the same rules, since 2 cars were coming through, and not turning.. since there was traffic coming from 2 intersecting directions, and the lights had that yellow flash, I’m inclined to think it was something wrong with the lights!

        • Snapdragon

          I can’t see the blinking too well because of the quality. It does appear to blink yellow and then green. The best I can come up with is when I visited London I noticed that the lights would blink yellow before they changed. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it would be red, blink yellow and then turn green. I don’t remember if it would also blink yellow between green and red, but I think it did. I thought it was neat that they would know the light was about to change and be prepared to go.

          In the states I’ve never seen a light blink green, only red or yellow. A blinking yellow light means you have right of way but be aware that traffic may come from the perpendicular street. Blinking red means you need to stop like you would at a stop sign and that the other direction has yellow so they have right of way.

          • Sirperry

            If that’s the case then maybe the guy on the bike thought he could make it at the end of the light!

          • Snapdragon

            If this took place in England then that’s probably correct. I don’t know if any other countries do this too. I assume London still does, it’s been a few years since I was there.

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