What did he expect?

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  • Cbergsyo

    Poor guy, must be devast8ed

    • Max

      I am an atheist. But as I scrolled down this post, I prayed with the greatest devotion saying, “Oh please god, please don’t let anyone else make the ‘devast8ed’ pun yet. Please lord!”

      As I scrolled down finally to the comment section, I was indeed devast8ed.

  • Gregor

    Who wants a shit for brains anyway

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/theveganape Cole

    He can’t even get work as a Devastator? Hard times!

  • Я Безымянный

    The only reason for a tattoo I’d get behind is to hide some blemish. Otherwise it’s a waste of healthy skin and should be looked down upon.

    • The Mighty Masturbator

      Why should it be looked down upon?

      • Я Безымянный

        I might have used the wrong expression. “Frowned upon” is what I mean. As for why, it’s my personal opinion that skin if beautiful on it’s own (I like drawing people) and tattoos don’t add to individuality – quite the opposite. By making a tattoo, you trade something of your own for fashion, brand or tag yourself.

        • The Mighty Masturbator

          A tattoo isn’t fashion or a tag or a brand; it’s art. At least the good ones are.

          • Я Безымянный

            So do people want to be art or appear art-ish? I don’t get it. Are tattoos supposed to be beautiful or make people beautiful? I would still understand a tattoo that holds a meaning to a person, something they don’t want to forget so they make it a part of him/her for life – like the name of beloved. But a butterfly? Some tribal pattern? A glyph they don’t even know the meaning of?
            Even when well drawn, they are still meaningless. Or at least they brand the person for what they are – a fool who would trade part of his face to look cool and scary e.g. Just like the one on the pic.

            Still, like I said, it’s my personal opinion. I tend to see people as walking pieces of art, and personally find clean skin beautiful.

          • The Mighty Masturbator

            Just because some fools get tattoos doesn’t mean that everyone that gets a tattoo is a fool. And I agree that there are quite a few meaningless tattoos. But that doesn’t mean you should frown upon all tattoos.

            As for butterflies and such holding no meaning, that’s not necessarily true. Maybe it’s to represent a deceased loved one who really loved butterflies. Probably not, but still, you can’t immediately disregard the possibility.

            I doubt anything I say can change your mind on whether or not you like tattoos, I just don’t think it’s fair to think less of someone who has them without knowing the person.

          • Я Безымянный

            I don’t dislike or think less of tattooed people. People and pictures on their skin are two different things. People change, too. So I never know, and don’t pretend to know.
            It’s just a thought like: “a pity” – that crosses my mind when I see a beautiful woman with a bruise-like ink-spot on her waist. Something like that.

            Oh, but there is another kind of tattoo they make in prison. Those were popular with young inmates back in the 90s in Russia. You could almost read their crime record and sexual… experience – just by looking.

            Btw, I do like scars, even artificial ones (without foreign objects).

          • The Mighty Masturbator

            Fair enough. I don’t think it’s wrong to have a preference.

  • lizziesmama

    He’s a father. I bet that kid will love open house night.

  • NotMyName

    It’s not even a good tattoo

  • clok

    At 18 I couldn’t conceive how any mistake i made could last a lifetime, but then i never did get a tattoo. I have always been anti tattoo, not so much for the reason above (but good gosh, I cant see even tattoo people not wondering on the intelligence of that one). But more to the fact its such a permanent and individual thing I could never settle on anything unique and “me”. Now I see everybody has the same stuff (oh its a different word but its all the same) i see no tattoos person as the rogue/individual.. or the repressed.. but to each there own.

  • Karen

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that this moron is a father?

    The fact that he got a really bad tatt across half his mug is not the surprising thing here. The fact that he then is dumb enough to be surprised when he can’t get a job is not the surprising thing here.

    The fact that he managed to find someone who would have sex with him and reproduce? That’s the fuckin’ headline.

  • sakasiru

    Grow a beard.

    • Christine

      He doesn’t look to have much of a beard, but anything would be better than that tat.

  • Paul Roche

    In the wake of this, he has subsequently received over forty offers of employment but has said that he is “waiting for the right one.” Seems like he’s happy playing the victim and living off benefits, that ridiculous tattoo was just his excuse.

  • Tiberius

    This is very unhappy, very much an advocate of don’t discriminate due to tattoos, this makes my arguments difficult.

    • Tanya Wicht

      He isn’t being discriminated against, he has had over 45 job offers, he turned them down. (and at least one was $7 an hour over minimum wage!)

      • Tiberius

        This is happy. Tank you.

  • Damien Hampton

    He got the tattoo while drunk on moonshine in a prison by his brother and is employed already, fake news

  • Mick

    …and it’s not even centered on his face. Thats the worst part.

  • boganaussie
    • Glaarg

      Well, at least he won the bet!

  • Han Tiendam
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