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  • Shibuya

    well Chem-trails are a thing just when you look up and see a vapor trail from a plane that is not a chem-trail. ever see how we spread agent orange or spread pesticides chem-trails.

    • Coffeeinator3000

      soylent green is people.

    • Ara Raven

      People also don’t know that those vapor trails have a name. They are called contrails. They are not even vaguely close to the same planetary ballpark as chemtrails.

      • Shibuya

        I could not think of the name contrails when i was typing that so i went with vapor. i know i could have googled it but i was sleepy and being lazy. Thank you for knowing what i was talking about.

    • gdowson

      Do you ever see them doing it from extremely high altitude? No.

      They are contrails, caused by the turbulence and low pressure areas passing over the wings or by the dirty air coming out of a jet engine coalescing water vapour into droplets or ice crystals. In order for these droplets to form, the low pressure and dirty air has to cool to sufficiently low temperatures, this is why you will often see a gap between the aircraft and the contrails. If the aircraft was dropping something, there’d be no such gap. Also if you look at crop dusters or chemical dispersal aircraft, the one place the materials do not come out of, is the engines for obvious reasons.

      If you want to check this out, you can do it at home!
      Take a transparent plastic drinks bottle. Add a little water. Cap it and repeatedly squeeze until a few times so it hits maximum humidity inside. Then add a little dirty air. A touch of smoke from a candle works nicely (see video below). This gives something for droplets to form on. Then squeeze (and hold for a few seconds) again. You’ll see the condensation forming when you release the bottle, dropping the pressure and temperature enough to form condensation clouds around the smoke particles you’ve just added. This is the same thing as a contrail.

      Now you can free your mind of conspiracy theory nonsense.

  • Stano Mazúch

    There are two genders

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      The correct statement is: There are two sexes. Gender doesn’t have to do with science

      • Stano Mazúch

        Son, did I fucking stutter?

        • Das Puggy

          No, you’re a fucking idiot.
          If you want to believe there is only male and female, go ahead. The problem is that nothing is ever just blank and just white. There actually is a spectrum for that. And as much as it would be easier for everyone — including the genetically intersexed and the transgendered (mind of one side in the body of the other) — nature or God doesn’t work that way. Mostly, yes, we have male and female, men and women. But how does denying those who don’t fit your molds of gender or sex make the world a better place?

          • Stano Mazúch

            Two genders. Science says so.

          • gdowson

            You’re confusing the word “gender” and the word “sex”. Biologically (therefore scientifically) there are two sexes. The physical sciences have nothing to say about gender, it’s a social thing.
            Take it from an actual scientist.

      • James Denman

        Even thats not fair, sexual traits can be inconsistent between individuals. Not just things like xxy males or females caused by mutations. You also have things like ambiguous genitalia, inconsistent hormone profiles, or skeletal structures. Things of that ilk. These are rare granted, but they still exist.

        The “two sexes” exist only so much as a species exists. Its a useful, quick way of grouping a large number of individual entities with mostly consistent traits with some outliers in a fairly complicated system that is in flux and which can be(although rarely) extremely ambiguous.

        As for genders, I was gonna write a big long thing, but then I gave up because trying to convince you would be ineffective and as such a waste of both our time.

        • Aidan Weiss-Rice

          Sexes refer to the presence of the Y chromosome. There are people with XYY chromosomes as well, but you never hear of them, and they aren’t a separate sex

          • James Denman

            So if someone is born with ambiguous genitals, more closely resembling a vagina, breasts, no functioning testicles, low testosterone, and high estrogen, while on top of all that identifying as female, but has XY chromosomes that person is a male?

          • Aidan Weiss-Rice

            You don’t identify as a female, you identify as either a man or woman. Those are the indicators of gender, and there was someone who was like that that got disqualified from a race because she was a male

          • James Denman

            Im not gonna continue to try and convince you about this either, cause its also a waste of both of our time. I just hope you dont ever meet any intersex people, because I imagine that they would find it very unpleasent being told that as an intersex person they are wrong and are actually male or female.

    • Tim

      There are many more than two genders.

    • Ara Raven

      There are indeed two genders. There are also more than two genders. Heh. (Just felt like messing with you since I think you meant ONLY two genders.)

      But for reals, sex and gender are not the same thing. There are three sexes (male, female, and intersex) for the sake of simplicity, and gender is a social construct and I’m antisocial so I don’t give a fuck just stay off my lawn.

    • gdowson

      There are indeed two biological sexes. Non binary biological sexes make up a very small part of the population and cannot typically reproduce themselves. On the other hand “gender” is a social construct (and are centred around the two stereotypes, “masculine” and “feminine” which have no biological role in this context) and there have long been more than two, Hijra (Indian subcontinent) have been around since around the time of Christ (possibly much before) and Muxes (Latin America) since the 1700’s to give just two examples.

  • Mick

    LOL Biology is wrong though.

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