Poor Keira Knightley

  • Vladislav Richter
  • Towel

    Still hot.

    • prometheus

      Ok. Here goes. This link goes to a place you should not go if you don’t want to see Kiera Knightley topless. This is a NSFW picture. It is NSFW. Don’t click if you don’t want to see it. Don’t complain if you click on it, see Kiera Knightley topless, and then are all like ‘but I didn’t want to see a girls boobs.’ By following the link, you are saying you, in fact, do want to see it. Rules followed? I think so. Here is a link that has been thoroughly warned about. Everyone got it? Good.

      In order to take the preview off, I have added a ‘z’ to the end. so if you copy, paste, delete z, and then hit enter, you have definitely gone to allllll the trouble to look at the picture, and I did NOT send you anywhere you did not want to go.

      Also, might not be much there, but rawr.


  • Sirperry

    How does one apply for that job?

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