The tables have turned

  • BlackSwan

    A+ for everyone

    • perthaussieguy

      Except for Billy. Dog didn’t chew Billy’s homework and it was bad. E-

      • BlackSwan

        Poor, unlucky Billy…

  • Jim-bo Slice

    When my son and daughter were 3 I tried to teach them about how trees come from seeds and how we get lots of stuff from trees, (paper, mulch, wood, fruit). I showed them how if you plant a seed which comes from a lemon, you get a lemon tree. (Actually we planted a lemon seed, and a few weeks later I bought a lemon shrub and planted it when no one was looking, but it was a learning experience)

    A few months later, I took home my students project, to grade. My daughter wanted help with her legos, and I went to her room to help. My son was outside digging in the dirt. When we got done I went back to my office to grade and my papers were missing. I went outside, and my son had taken them all, dug a hole, put the papers in, covered the with dirt, and watered them.

    He thought that if seeds came from trees and paper came from trees then you should be able to plant either and get a tree.

    Everyone got a passing grade the next day.

    One girl bought my son a new pail and shovel as a thank you.

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