Stop it, Dr. Baird

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  • perthaussieguy

    Now THAT, I could handle !

    • Gregor

      I prefer the DiscWorld DEATH and following afterlife

      • perthaussieguy

        Do you mean ‘The Hogfather’?

      • Xadah

        Is there a novel that really describes the discworld afterlife?

        • Gregor

          Not as such but there are stories that show parts of it from Rincewind going through DEATHs domain or where Mort does the round for the first time and i’m sure there are a few other places that i can’t remember right now.

        • James Denman

          The novel “Mort” was about the personification of death and his apprentice, but doesnt actually take place in the afterlife.

  • almightybeard

    I read deaths voice as Doc Vader. Look up his stuff on youtube he is hilarious

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