Here’s to all the users who regularly upvote while rarely, if ever, posting for themselves.

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  • Yuki-Hime
    • Cole

      Sleeping. No, I’m not sleeping. You sleep.

      • Lunchbox

        I am Batman. Or am I? Yes, I am Batman.

    • Octopus of Disapproval

      I approve of your disapproval.

  • Mounty1103

    i like charlie skinner

  • VioletDelta

    Thank you Hoodie. We are your army, if you ever need to start a war. We’ve got skills… not useful ones, but we have them!

    • Cole

      I can do a handstand! Will that help with the army stuff?

      • VioletDelta

        Yes, it will. In fact, you are probably going to be immediately promoted to the rank of first lieutenant thanks to your extraordinary physical abilities.

        • Cole


    • perthaussieguy

      Reminds me of the movie ‘Mystery Men’…
      I, too, have a shovel 🙂

      • Gnome Anne

        I don’t have my father’s skull in a bowling ball… Cause he’s still using it. Can I be the crazy Q? Ya know, Tom Waite?

  • Cole

    I tried to upload, but it never works…

  • Damion Strife

    For some reason I haven’t up voted anything scene the update.

  • Gnome Anne

    I uploaded once last year… Got two whole votes lol not two up or two down… Two whole votes. I’ve had plenty *I* find funny since then, just never uploaded.


  • ComputerPony

    Upvote? What’s that?

  • Egekilde

    Where’s the upvote button??

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