When you really think about it..

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  • The endless storm
    • Das Puggy

      That is very thought provoking.

      • Flingebunt

        This is part of an academic explanation of Superman rather than the quoted source. It goes on to say that the whole thing is that Superman was invented by Jews and that part of it was the Jewish people at the time often hid their Jewish identity to fit into American society.

  • clok

    Errr.. that was part of the Superman mythos, not some new revelation. It was often said in the comics, “wheres Clark he always disappears when there is trouble”. Its part of the whole Strongest man in world, looking weak to those around him, he doesn’t want them to know he can do most anything. Hell there where whole issues on this in the late 80’s when Super man became “gritty”. While the Kill bill reference is neat, its not part of the Superman world as it wrote. There is so much to it (for a comic book that started as a simple what if one guy could do almost anything.. it gets into the fact he cant save everybody, not even himself at some point, there is always something that can beat you.. Yep i was a comic geek wheni was younger, much like good TV today, there was some dang good stories (if you like fantasy/scifi/superhero stuff) when comics started going past the plain old superhero slick, and went into who the people where and what they could and couldn’t do, both physically and mentally.

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