Southern man tries to speak without an accent

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  • Das Puggy

    Everyone has an accent.

    • Videoguy

      Except the mute. (I wonder if their thoughts have accents)

      • Gregor

        I think that even sign language has accents

        • Videoguy

          Really? Am curious how that would work

          • Gregor

            i guess how you make the signs can differ from person to person

    • Gnome Anne

      And mine is jacked up. Cross between upper New England (think Maine) and Canadian. A lot of people unfamiliar with Upper New England think it’s Minnesota/Dakota. When I’m at home in Virginia I tend to “kill” my accent because I’m always told I speak to fast, they can’t understand me, or they giggle at how I say things.

      • Das Puggy

        Mine is Canadian, but it’s really specific to my area. I end up ‘swallowing’ the t in place names more than anyone else I know — Hamilton becomes “Hamil’on”. Most people from my g/fs city call it “Trahnnah”

        • Gnome Anne

          Fuh-TAHG-rah-fah… They guy that takes pictures. Tah-riss. A car made by Ford, and a gun. And everything is wick-id.

  • Videoguy

    To be fair he doesn’t have that deep of a Southern accent to begin with

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    “Do it without an accent.” So, don’t speak then?

  • Johnny Alpha

    Soo sweet! Some of us have to put up with accents in different languages!

  • OhPoop

    Anyone see the tiny hands?

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