In Costco and 3 yr old daughter points at a guy in a wheelchair and said “Ha, ha, he doesn’t have any legs.”

  • perthaussieguy

    I used to embarrass my kids when we went out 🙁

    • Gregor

      That’s a parental duty

    • sniz_and_fondue

      Hey! Don’t be so hard on yourself man…

      You embarrass all of us when we go out 😉

  • Spencer Johnson

    Took my 3 year old nephew to get ice cream one time and he stops eating and leans over to me, points at this man walking by outside and says “I dont like him” he takes a bite of ice cream, looks back at me and says “He isn’t my favorite color”
    I just looked at him like

  • Johnny Alpha

    On the way back from a Halloween party, Ella (aged 6) points to a small, elderly French lady and asks “why is she disguised as a hobbit?” quite loudly!

  • boganaussie

    My boy Zac as a 4 yr old. Points to morbidly obese dude at Pizza Hut. Daddy why is that man so fat?

    OK time to go to Dominos….

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