You want friends?? Cause that’s how you get friends.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Woah, them there’s some fucking thick, thick cut steaks. Just one of ’em could feed the inhabitants of an African village

    • Videoguy

      HEY! Am from an African village and I take offense. It could feed 2 African villages

      • The People’s Poet

        Why not hunt down and sell the other village to the white man…then you can buy all the food you want, AND you don’t have to worry about those losers in the next village taking your stuff anymore.

        • Videoguy

          “Buy” our own food? And bring an end to the Oxfam ‘Feed an African child’ industry? As Aussie would say “Yer ‘avin a laff, mate!”

    • Shivers

      I think those might be Costco steaks. At least, that’s the thickness of steak I’m used to seeing there.

  • Cole

    Uh… I think I’ll give it a miss. Thanks for the invite though!

  • Kev_S

    If this were my neighbour, then that’s one party where he wouldn’t have had to spend a brass razoo on beer.

    • Das Puggy

      I’d take out a bank loan to make sure there was enough beer and dry red wine for this party.

  • ComputerPony

    Those are thick ass steaks… Why would you cut them that thick?

  • Flockacox


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