Guy shares insane list of relationship ‘rules’ he found in a used car.

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  • Karen

    Please dear Lord let this be fake… I’m losin’ faith in humanity over here.

    • Kev_S

      You and me both, and God I second Karen’s comment.

    • Gregor

      This is just a starting D/s relation where both partners are exploring the way it works, if it’s supposed to be a vanilla relation then this is screwed before it even started

      • Karen

        I don’t think even the Dom/Sub community would want to own up to that lot.

        …Another acceptable option is that he responded with his own list, which only had one thing on it:
        1. Go fuck yourself. With a cactus.

  • Snapdragon

    And I hope he never spoke to you again.

  • Cole

    She’s a keeper! At least I hope the asylum thinks so.

  • Kev_S

    As the old saying goes, better to be alone than in bad company. Seriously, what kind of Faustian shitstorm did this poor bastard think he’d gotten himself into?

  • NotMyName


    • Carlos the Dwarf

      or FIRE!

  • NotMyName
    • Das Puggy

      I don’t think she could think up something this shitty.

  • Rev. Analbumcover
  • editorial office

    does she , have no girlfriends ?

  • daverbes

    Everyone is calling her psycho: I’d bet money he cheated on her and this was the only way she’d stay. I’m not saying that’s healthy, but it was probably the catalyst…

    • Gnome Anne

      I agree.

    • lizziesmama

      If she’s capable of coming up with this kind of list I can’t blame him for cheating. Hell I’d be surprised if he didn’t pack up and leave right then and there.

      • daverbes

        That would be the smart thing to do…

    • Sans Ovaries

      Agreed, this sounds like a cheater’s revenge. She must have beer flavored nipples.

  • Das Puggy

    This is fake. A MAN did this up to make fun of FEMINISTS.

  • lizziesmama

    I was married to the male version of this. There was no written list but the rules were known.

    • HoodieDog

      Key word, ‘was’.

  • David Texas1

    keegan must be a fun guy

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I’m annoyed with how inconsistent the list is. Most of it is “You are,” but there are two “‘You’re'”s

    • HoodieDog

      She was dropped as a baby. Several times.

  • James

    If I ever got this list I’d be laughing so hard I’d be out of breath for an hour! People are the worst.

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