When you don’t check the drawings on things you buy

  • Shivers

    I have questions.

    One: Why did the first person who had this photo feel the need to specifically circle three of the dongs, when it’s ALL dongs?

    Two: Why did a second person feel it was so desperately important to circle a fourth one, and not even make the effort to use the same colour and brush in MSPaint?

    Three: Repost with added circles. I’m sorry, that wasn’t a question, was it? Wait, now it is. *Mind blown*

    • Gnome Anne

      It was a repost from June of last year. I know that cause I was at my mom’s and told her I was going to buy her the pillow. Her husband found the dongs first and was cracking up.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Yeah, you have to make sure the pillow doesn’t have red circles on it, ruining the dickflower pillow

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