Today I learned that Satan is a balloon.

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  • AfterMath

    AHH! WHAT?!

    • perthaussieguy

      I think this guy has his own version of reality, possibly to escape from the real reality. So, is he crazy from wanting an unreal reality instead of a real reality or are we crazy for wanting the real reality?

      • AfterMath

        The Real Reality is a Real pain the Rear, and that’s why People make their own Realities to escape the Real pain of the Real Reality. But having your own Reality doesn’t change the course of the Real Reality, So when someone is talking about their Realities should start the conversation with “In My World:” so that we know what are they talking about, and simply ignore them 🙂

        • Trevor ‘Dork’ Kroeger

          Reality reality. Real reality. Real real reality reality.

  • Gregor

    Sounds like regular religious talk to me, at some stage their brain starts leaking out

    • Tim

      I’m not sure what experiences you’ve had that would make the post seem like “regular religious talk” to you. The two barely seem related, to me.

      • Gregor

        Regular religious talk = making it up as you go along and blame it on the magic people.

        Why do babies or little children die = god needs new angels, there are now actual adults believing this bullcrap that is used to not have kids tell the truth about life and death.

        Be against abortions because god says so = god does if fact condone the killing of the unborn as he lets his priests (or what the jewish equivalent is) give a poison to any male that complains that the pregnancy of his wife is not his own, so if it’s not his child the unborn child will be mudered by gods will.

        And another beauty is that not all the rules in the bible are in use anymore but no one can point to the rule that explains that and even less know what rules are no longer the valid ones.

        When people believe in magic they use it to explain stuff they don’t like or don’t understand, also known as making it up.
        Don’t worry non magic believers also do this but at least they are allowed to change their minds because no magical beings tell them how and what to think.

        • Tim

          That certainly is a lot different from religious talk I’m used to. The vast majority of us don’t make things up as we go along; we think critically, which does sometimes lead to coming to conclusions that are different from those we had before or those of our fellow religious people.
          Thinking critically also explains other points you make, especially regarding which “rules” to follow from the Bible.

          • Gregor

            Luckily not all religious people have their brain leak out but i still find the idea of believing in magical beings to be highly problematic

  • Flockacox

    I can’t believe this exists

  • Von Der Tann

    Satan means “enemy” or “adversary” in Hebrew.

    • Gregor

      Many names if not most have a meaning or used to have one at some point, there plenty of people insisting that god is a name

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