What is the fleshy appendage, human?

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  • Tanya Wicht

    You just knew the nibble/taste test was coming – lol.

    • m4a4

      Yup. I was rooting for the cat to bite it

  • Rohan Hampson

    The title made me expect something else…

  • ThatGuy

    I will end up being a crazy cat person. I was giggling and smiling watching this 🙁

    • Gregor

      The shelters have crazycatperson start sets aplenty

    • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

      That’s because it’s adorable!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sydamen Summer

    Free Piercing!

  • Shivers

    In fairness, I tend to do this too… >_>

    • Christine

      Ears are fascinating. Human ears are weird and fascinating. I wish we had pretty, pointy ears instead of gross round platters, though.

      • Amber Mari

        Omg…. THANK YOU! I did NOT think that was a ear! I was so confused!

  • Harsh Puppy

    I’ll get that pussy a fleshy appendage.
    Pussies love fleshy appendages.

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