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    I want her….

    • Das Puggy

      You couldn’t handle her.

      • PATMAN

        I’d die trying…..

      • Gregor

        I guess it’s like the girl killing her motorboating bf, there are worse way to go

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        No, but I could fail gloriously!

  • clok

    You want scuffed paint, that’s how you get scuffed paint.

    • Shivers

      Is it bad that this was the first thing I thought of too?

      • The009

        Not when a car cost more then a a lot of people pay for a house…

        Granted in Ohio cars only last 15-20 MAX due to salt. But still Poor car.

        • Shivers


          …. You can buy a house for less than the price of a car down there??

          I’m used to thinking of houses as being a quarter mil for entry-level.

          • The009

            The cost of a house here can vary from condo 25-100+ Small House 50-80 Larger Houses 100-250, Mansion 500+

            Granted those are just some averages.

            We have a few worth millions.

          • Shivers

            Round here, condos are $100+, small houses $250+, you get the idea…

            It’s an improvement over Toronto where condos start at $250 and small houses at $600. :S

  • bigdogrex

    Not seen: the six cars that crashed right after she closed the trunk.

  • Riechart

    At least Hoodie didn’t do away with the subtle undertones of appropriate ad placements.

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