In other words, “The fact that I like cocks doesn’t make me a chicken.”

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  • ThatGuy


  • Я Безымянный

    So, there was a lecture at a historical faculty about the Roman Empire. The lecturing professor was talking about legions, mentioned the fact that the soldiers were often permitted to form couples with each other which increased their combat effectiveness, cause soldiers would fight harder for their partners and lovers.
    – So they were all gay? – a voice from the auditorium asks.
    Professor takes off and wipes his glasses, and with a tired sigh answers:
    – Gay, you say? I’d prey to god to never meet one of those ‘gays’ in combat. No, young man, they were not gay. They were every inch, genuine battle fags.

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      Sparta as well

  • Cole

    Thanks, brother!

  • Von Der Tann
  • an otter one bites the dust

    or “i don’t like pussy, neither i am one”

    but more seriously, a true hero here.

  • RaddClaw

    I’ve made it one of my life goals to prove this to all the people who made fun of me for being gay… it might sound silly to some people but being raised in a country where gays are seen as weak, it kinda affects your attitude

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