Man, I don’t miss being a teenager.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Oh gosh, this takes me back a bit. Not that I was in the exact same situation as the pic but some similar one’s in the 70’s. The song I recall running through my hed at those times had these lyrics:-

    Told you once before
    And I won’t tell you no more
    Get down, get down, get down

  • Richard Rejmer
    • Von Der Tann

      The Cyrillic letters that you wrote there doesn’t make sense at all, Olga.

    • Trevor ‘Dork’ Kroeger

      Can’t be unseen.


    I’m lookin’ and I have one.

  • IMHO

    Oh! I finally noticed there is a little dude with a thought bubble. Something about “Don’t blah blah blah”…

  • RC

    Probably his sister sooooo….

    • Videoguy

      All the more reason not to get a boner

      • RC

        It’s accepted in some states

  • Dennisch

    Be the funny confident teen and motorboat yourself into immortality.

  • David McDowall

    Worst part about that is when he doesnt get a boner, she does

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