We are currently in the middle of a postal vote plebiscite on Gay Marriage Equality…


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  • Nicholas Gertner

    It’s not a plebiscite, just a non-binding survey that means nothing in the big picture seeing as a fair few of the Lib back benches will say no in parliament no matter the response from the public.

    It’s a massive waste of money cause Turnbull is a pussy and doesn’t want to stand up to his party cause they’ll just kick him out of the position of PM cause now they know they have the power to do so from the 6 PMs we’ve had in the last 6 or so years….

    • Rohan Hampson

      He had so much promise too. My mum has been a Labor supporter for years, but when the Liberals made him leader, she voted for them.
      Surprise, he turned into a pussy.
      I don’t envy the shitty position he is in, but still, get some shit done.
      Also, if the plebiscite passes with a decent majority, and then parliament votes and it doesn’t pass, there will be fucking riots in the streets, mark my words.
      I’m a lazy fuck, and I’ll go and protest in the city if that happens.

  • an otter one bites the dust

    i think she is a c□nt too

  • brilliant_observer

    Thanks Mom!

  • boganaussie

    saw that, such a classic aussie thing

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