Well I can recharge mine in the microwave. So there.

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  • Snapdragon

    I agree. I’d take android over apple any day, but these posts are beyond annoying at this point. It isn’t original or funny anymore. We get it, android did it first, apple copies ideas. It’s been about a decade now people, get over it. :/

    • Gregor

      Well a decade ago everybody laughed at apple because who would want a glass plate to phone with, and then they began to sell and everyone else had to make them too

  • Kenneth Lien

    I love how you manage to make “sell-outs and grandmas” into “being part of an electronic ecosystem”.

  • Alexandra Marie

    I’m Samsung all the way and I’m indifferent to iPhones. However, I don’t like it when iPhone users start dissing my handset and act all high and mighty, simply because their device is more expensive and has better marketing. So when stuff like this comes along, I giggle like a schoolgirl.

    • Alexander The Average

      I’ve been with Huawei for about 5 years now, it’s kind of like the best of both worlds, they copy Iphone styling while using a better OS. I like Samsung, but they’re trying too hard to compete with Iphone that they’re overlooking a couple things. Their competition with Apple is driving the R&D costs up and causing the eventual price to go through the roof. Let Apple think they’re superior and take your time to come up with a really good device with some major improvements and changes rather than just throwing more processing power at it.

      What bugs me the most about Apple users is the “It just works” argument, obviously it will, you only have 3 devices to perfect, they also seem to make out that Android users can’t do anything with their phone because it keeps crashing.

      In case you didn’t notice, I’m not quite indifferent towards Apple

  • Jake Bowman

    The apple processor will be better by far. They’ve been out performing androids for years. Largely due to optimisation, but still.

    And I say this as someone who wouldn’t take an iPhone if you offered it to me for free.

  • Mehdi Yasaee
  • Drop Message

    Uhm, being ridiculously thin is not something I’d call a positive. Give me a phone between 12 and 15 millimeters or so and make the battery twice or even thrice the capacity. Stop it with this fucking stupid thinness race.

    (I mean, you can still make thin phones, but at least give me the option of having a slightly thicker one with a much bigger battery.)

  • clok

    Was just going to reply on this in much the same way, I use Android myself, and must admit in the early days when i made my decision on which i was going to use ( i actually started on IPHONE) i made alot of this type of post in the past(the lol, not the reply) but i get it.. who cares. Escalades are just tarted up GMC/Chevies that cost more, who cares if people want to buy um, they have their reasons, let um..

    but can i rant on Verzion switching to PAY for the actual PHONE shit! the phone companies gave you great deals on Phones (much better then you are giving us) and you roped us into 2 year contracts.. now you want me to pay $600 for the phone and your same old expensive service too..

    • Gnome Anne

      I swear by my android phones. I’ve tried iPhone, iPad, ipod, etc, not a fan.
      I have Verizon for my carrier because they’re the only carrier that doesn’t go to XX when I am in the mountains back home in Vermont/New Hampshire, or when I’m in the mountains going to my dad’s in West Virginia. Far more often than not I’m by myself, so I need a carrier that will work if my car breaks down, or if there’s an accident. Yeah, I pay more, but with the discount I get through work, it’s minimal, and I’m ok paying for it for the peace of mind.
      As far as tarted up rebadged vehicles, it’s their money, I say they waste it how they want lol

      • clok

        Oh dont I know they have the service that works. My family lives in that dead spot almost every carrier has in top center (ND/MT border) except Verizon which works there. I never liked the $200 for new phone and 2 year contact.. but now its the same but the phone is $600 (if you buy a new model) and my bill is SUPOSED to be less.. (its $2 less, so in 2 years i saved $24 on my bill but paid $400 more on my phone.. not liking it. 🙂 But as you say they work, so I keep using them.

  • RaddClaw

    Well, I’m happy with Nokia 8

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