I’m 30 and wanna do both

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  • daverbes

    I have no issue with teens trick or treating, I have issue with them wanting free candy and not putting in the effort. The only kids I’ve ever turned away came up in street cloths and were putting the candy in their pockets…

    • lizziesmama

      I don’t care how old you are – if you’re in costume you’ll get candy. If you’re not in costume you’ll get a mini tootsie roll. I love Halloween. I love seeing the creativity and the little kids.

  • James

    I dressed up and went trick or treating till I was like 19? lol

    • Amber Mari

      I’m almost 30 and I still do it. For the past 5 years, I’d get dressed up, take the elevator down to the first floor, walk out the back, walk around to the front collect a bunch of the leftover candy in the lobby as they were wrapping up, take a pic for facebook, and go back upstairs.

    • Gnome Anne

      I still dress up every year, and I’m 38. We do a costume contest at work, don’t even care if I place/win, and I do it to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. I hand out candy to anyone costumed up. Don’t care if you’re “too old”.

  • Karen

    Here in Australia, it’s not really a thing… I think it should be. Anything that gets kids out from in front of the Xbox and meeting the neighbours is a bloody good idea.

    I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? They actually wave hello to the old lady down the street because she’s the one who gave them a full-size Mars Bar on Halloween?

    • Muffinmonster

      That’s true! The folks that gave out full size bars always got the respect for the rest of the year!!

  • Mrs. R. Gumby

    I visited the United States once in my life, and it was Halloween, if I could I would’ve gone trick or treating, we don’t have that here in Brazil… I was 22 hehe
    We can’t have that here, children would get drugs, alcohol or kidnapped, one of those, no candy.

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