Picking and choosing.

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  • m4a4
    • Exquisite Jesus

      Yeah, the DoD pays for ED meds and plenty of birth control, too. Including Plan B. Just goes to show, if you agree to be owned by the government, they’ll take are of ya until you stop working for em.

      • The Mighty Masturbator

        In the article above it mentioned that vets were also covered.

        • Exquisite Jesus

          It didn’t specify whether or not if they covered it generally, or if the ED was somehow caused by their service. Also, it’s quite evident that veteran care is nowhere near that of current service members.

          • AcidMan

            Veterans are covered, don’t you remember the stupid people arguing what people do with transformation surgeries with military funds?

          • Exquisite Jesus

            It has to do more with how/when they get that care.

    • ThatGuy


  • Das Puggy

    That’s funny… Viagra and Cialis are not covered by even private plans here in Canada, but Plan B is covered by the government and birth control by private plans.

  • AndFred

    Yeah, these two are not comparable at all

  • Shai Hulud

    how about this, women pay for dick pills and men pay for birth control?

  • grrman t

    Yeah, except for any Viagra funded by the government in the states is not for treating ED but heart problems. Nice cherry picking

    • Glaarg

      Thank you. That’s how it started out as I understand it.

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