How about we don’t bring back ‘the good old days’…

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  • Das Puggy

    I guess we are working on equality, just not as quickly as most people would like.

  • SeaCucumber

    We’ve got a lot, but does all that make us truly happy? 🙂

  • clok

    people with for the “good old days” when you cant tell which bathroom you go in, when you ask somebody about themselves and they tell you they transflowerrainbowgreen and you wonder WTF? You want the good old days when NETFLIX was the only one and you didn’t have to pay $10 for each premium channel and now they are all streaming and $10 again so we are back to paying the same again.No we dont want the good old days of slave auctions, but some of the other simpler things..

    • liuping

      When people say “the good old days”, they are rarely talking about 5 years ago…

      • clok

        I guess i was trying to be current, when i was young it was bitching about remotes/ phone answer machines (how to use), “we just picked up phone and asked operator to patch us through” … I was trying to say the “good old days” is talking about the simpler stuff, people are not saying I want to live in 1942 when a world war was on because it was better, they referring to stuff that was simpler and easy back then to them.. Like a home town doctor to today’s triplicate forms, massive insurance paperwork to get looked at for minor things.. We live in a modern age, but somebody a few generations older then us trying to understand twitter, or many online things would wish for the good old days of talking to people at the post office. Me i miss lan’s when we all got into a room an played games.. its fine the way it is.. but it was a “good old day” thing to me.. never once did i mean i wanted to live 10-15 years ago.. let alone think the horrible stuff going on back then was good.. wow.. so much typing for something i wasn’t disagreeing with but felt the point was missed.

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