Scooter trick

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  • editorial office

    nice combo

  • Fobia(Kadin)

    That poor car..

  • Anh Thư

    does anyone else have this problem with Disqus? it logs me out every time i turn to another page. and it has been going on for months which is why i haven’t been on because it’s so fucking annoying having to sign back in every time you wanna up/down vote a comment or leave one. and that is when i sign in using Disqus account. i can’t sign in using Facebook.

    • Rev. Analbumcover


    • Das Puggy

      I know my issue started when I started using Privacy Badger.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Reply test 2

      • Anh Thư

        Disqus is lame af. I mean it sucked even before this happened. i hate their guts. if it wasn’t for lolsnap community i would never use it.
        the most annoying thing is the blocking feature. took them forever to make one, and it doesn’t even work properly because you can still their activity. and you don’t have to option to hide your activity from someone.

        • perthaussieguy

          That was a nice thought, dear lady :). I enjoy interacting with ‘Snapiens too.

    • perthaussieguy

      Whether this helps or not I haven’t had a problem with disqus

  • Amber Mari

    DAMN! And I thought getting karate chopped in the ankles by one of those hurt!

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