When your friend’s Hallowe’en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream (but delivers them anyway).

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  • Das Puggy

    This is about as Canadian as it gets.

    • Von Der Tann

      Does it smell of maple syrup? Where’s the hokey puck? Any moose pictures? So, as you can see, it’s not 100% Canadian.

  • Tryp

    I once had a friend mail me some Japanese maple seeds and the envelope arrived taped up with a note from the USPS apologizing that they had thought it was contraband. :/

  • Shivers

    I’ve seen one of these apology bags once. It was a small box, it arrived smushed in and covered in a thick layer of dirt, but it arrived.

    ….a year and a half late, mind you…

  • Cayne

    out of curiosity. for those in the states (or anywhere really). what if we got rid of junk mail mailers. marketing ploys and what not. Im going to try and approach my local government about removing it for the sake of green. anyone have an opinion?

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