Story of the guy getting peed on by a dog ends in the best possible way

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  • AfterMath

    He marked him didn’t he!

    • Mym Zy

      In the heart!

  • lizziesmama

    So, I need to pee on Johnny Depp….

    • Exquisite Jesus

      If that’s what he’s into, sure.

      • lizziesmama

        I just want him to come back and take me home and clean me up and ….

        • clok

          Careful the “And…” might be worse (or better i guess depending on what you are into) according to his last GF.

          damn lots of posts below this on this already… sorry for the reapeat.

    • Cole

      Save your pee for someone who doesn’t hit women, would be my suggestion! 🙂

      • lizziesmama

        I know this goes against the current #metoo movement, but I seriously don’t believe her. She was in it for the money. She got her money and left. I called that relationship as soon as I first saw him with her. She was not good for him at all. I’m not saying I’d be better – hell, I don’t know who could handle him.

        • Cole

          Who knows? I don’t know either of them, so I couldn’t say what happened or who did what.
          Haha, I feel a bit funny getting into this serious topic in response to a flippant remark I made as a joke, but the reality shown by the #metoo idea, is that there are a hell of a lot of abusers out there. I’d guess it’s pretty likely he is an abuser, but of course we can’t know that definitively.
          In conclusion, pee on him at your own risk! 😀

          • lizziesmama

            Yeah – the dog does it he gets a better life. I do it I’d probably get arrested and labeled a stalker.

      • MrPotato

        Hey, you dont know. Lizziesmama might be into that!

  • Lunchbox

    That was an emotional roller coaster

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    The twist is – the guy pissed on the dog the moment he fell asleep in that shirt.

  • Train Driver

    If your first reaction is to get up and lay a beat down (man or animal) you’re a terrible person.

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