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  • Tanya Wicht

    It is often the very people causing the problem (the extremely wealthy) attending galas/balls, where they spend more on their appearance, than they donate. Much like putting a bandaid on a broken leg, it is not helping cure, or preventing broken legs, but look at me, I am helping… look at me, how wonderful am I, donating to charity…

    • perthaussieguy

      It would be great to see an influential ‘celebrity’ to roll up at one of these events in regular everyday clothes and say they donated the $1000’s they would have paid for ball gowns, jewellry etc…

      • Johnny Alpha

        aand then auction the ‘goodie bags’ with signed ‘celebriy’ photos inside – then we’ll see how much they’re worth!

    • Flingebunt

      But….if there are no gala fundraising balls, there won’t be enough balls for every girl to go to at least one ball in their life time.

    • Fokke

      And buy my record, see my movie, watch my show….
      Can’t help thinking that each time.

  • The Original Green Arrow

    While we are on the subject of false charity… Whenever there is a tragedy in a third world country some people take time off work, and ask their co-workers for a donation to buy them a plane ticket to send them to wherever the tragedy has occurred. This is ostensibly to ‘help’ but is really so they can have pictures taken holding a shovel near a mud hut. I am calling bullshit on their charade. Unless you are a doctor or have some special skill that they are short of, you are just a tourist begging others to pay for your holiday. Where ever they are, the victims would have almost certainly been better off if the plane ticket money was directly donated to the cause allowing them to hire a team of local construction workers at a fraction of the cost of sending Janette from your office job. Giving it to an airline is stupid and further donating any money you would have made at work before you took the time out would have been a bigger help than anything you are capable of acheiving. Work at something which you are good enough at that people will pay you (ie, your job), take that months salary and donate it. Don’t ask me to fly your fat arse to Asia or Africa where you will eat the limited food, be a liability to the actual relief effort and take up shelter.

    • Nick

      Agreed. Although the rebuild afterwards requires tradespeople with skill, in the immediate aftermath, leave it to the experts. They take all their own supplies, all, even their waste disposal.

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