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  • Gregor

    When you can combine the real deal with the fake you can get something outstanding.

    • Von Der Tann

      Chaplin was the first to sport the half mustache.

    • Shivers

      And the speech from which that image is sourced… Part of an upload of the full movie, actually, should anyone wish to watch it.

      As an addendum, poor Charlie… this movie cost him a LOT of friends, because a lot of the US public quietly supported the Nazi movement at the time it was being made. Then, down the line a few years, he regretted making the movie because he felt that the horrors perpetrated were so awful that they couldn’t even be laughed about. Which, probably some other people felt the same way, costing him *more* friends. And yet, the film helped to alter public opinion and probably helped to sway public opinion.

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