Woke up at 3am this morning to take a picture of 4 butts and a rocket.

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  • Shivers

    I am still sad I never got to see a shuttle stack launching. Still intend to see a launch – ideally, crewed – someday.

    TL,DR: OP, I am jealous.

    • Oberst-Gruppenführer Heydrich

      You and me both Foxy, you and me both.

    • zenzen

      Crew launches.

  • Exquisite Jesus

    “3 AM this morning…”
    As opposed to??

    • Tim

      a different morning

  • songirirongi

    tree i am? what is, tree i am?
    p.s. where is 3am not dark af?

  • Ingemārs Volters

    Impressive morning rocket

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