Let us hope

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  • Daniel Emberton

    the rock 2020!!!

    • perthaussieguy

      He would be popular but he’s too intelligent and honest to get involved in politics

      • Shivers

        Politics: Where those who want the job can not generally be trusted with it, and those who would be good at it generally wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

        People are trying to push him into it. I’m not counting him out for it yet. Besides… he’d have an easy act to follow. :/

      • Daniel Emberton

        he is legitimately running for the 2020 election. id vote for him and im not even in the country

      • Riechart

        honest? He has literally built his career on editing videos for them to be taken out of context and change everything the interviewee said.

    • Rokas Akanichas
  • Von Der Tann

    Stephen Colbert 2018!!! (I still believe Trump will be impeached and something will happen that will trigger new elections)

    • Shibuya

      if he gets impeached it will cause VP to become pres so then it would be President Mike Pence. not sure that is any better, but we lose so much! the funny childish tweets, the mad small hands jokes etc.

      • Marcus Andersson

        I don’t have any real idea of what their politics are, but I do feel that Pence would be a “worse” president. Maybe more efficient, but his decisions would go against what I consider to be “good.”

  • Shivers

    Honestly, I’d even support any functioning teenager, or even a precociously intelligent child, over some of the recent pootus candidates.

    • The Mighty Masturbator

      Deez Nutzz was robbed.

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