Coffee does that sometimes…

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  • ThatGuy

    don’t drink coffee. can’t relate

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      No caffeine at all?

      • ThatGuy

        Nope. Caffeine does not have affect on me for some reason

        • I’m the opposite, caffeine affects me overly much. I hate the smell and taste of coffee, but I have tried it just for shits-and-giggles anyways, and it makes my muscles ache and all kinds of shit. I didn’t know you can get muscle-ache from caffeine before that!

          • ThatGuy

            Wow that’s crazy. I can down a big Red Bull and go take a nap afterwards. I have never had any problem with it

          • Shivers

            I’m similar. Even decaf tea or coffee flavoured chocolates are enough to give me a jolt. Coffee makes me vibrate and twitch, then makes me nauseous, and even if I have it at 9 in the morning it’ll keep me up an extra 3 hours at night.

          • The Mighty Masturbator

            Hmmm. You should try meth. See how that hits you.

          • Shivers

            That’d be quite a jump in for me, when in my entire life I’ve tried pot twice and never anything else 😛

          • The Mighty Masturbator

            Nah, meth is definitely the right choice for you.

  • The People’s Poet

    I have transcended the need of coffee to raise my anxiety levels.

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