This. Is. METRO!

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  • Nora Bora

    That. That is what a hero looks like.

    • Von Der Tann

      WHY WOULD YOU LIKE HER?!?! She was keeping the whole train in the station!!!

      • Sunset

        I think Nora means the guy who kicked her? 🙂

        • Von Der Tann

          Ah……OK. That makes sense now.

  • Tanya Wicht

    While what the woman was doing was rude, and selfish, kicking her off seems a bit dangerous.

    • Shivers

      I’m torn between my transit-person urges and my medic-person urges on this one.

      It wouldn’t be much of a debate in my mind were it not for the fact that your average subway/metro train’s capacity is over a thousand people, and the trains are usually run close enough together that a minute or two’s delay on one train delays a stack of others… that’s a lot of people, and at some point one person’s bruise has to be worth ten thousand peoples’ time.

      Depending on just how stupid she was being, and just how long she’d been at it, I bet the boot-wielder got an ovation from the other passengers.

      • Tanya Wicht

        Oh yeah, I would definitely be tempted, but hopefully, I would probably just yell at her to move her ass, rather than be violent – if she fell between and got injured, the delays would be longer.

        • Marcus

          I sure the 1st response was asking. A person does not get sparta kicked without warning.

          not all heroes wear capes…

          • Shivers

            Upvoting for the phrasing of “A person does not get sparta kicked without warning.”

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    What a fucking bitch. People have places they need to be

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