Too close to home

  • The People’s Poet

    Could really do with some of that, what do you call it? Ah yes…food.

  • Shivers

    Hey, ramen can be really freakin good. Like this thing, from a chain location with a shop ten minutes from here:

    • Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer Heydrich

      Man, I wanna do that Nuclear Ramen Challenge, I hear it’s actually really yummy, and damnit, just thinking about it is making me hungry.

      • Shivers

        This is the first I’ve heard of it.
        Challenge accepted. I make instant ramen into ghost pepper ramen on a regular basis.

        Edit: Challenge provisionally accepted; it’s $50 for a five-pack of the noodles. I am NOT paying that much.

        • Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer Heydrich

          Hahahahha, noiceee!!! I do the same with pasta, I have that Volcano Peppers Ghost Pepper powder which I put on virtually anything. I’m a chilihead/spicochist. XD Hope it goes well ah, I’m fixing to get me some for the weekend.

  • Flockacox

    Is ramen making a huge comeback??? 3 restaurants opened near me serving ramen everything

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