That demon has your back

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  • Daemonius

    I’d take that deal. Unless it’s Crowley who pops in…

    • Gregor

      I’m more worried about Hastur after him

    • NotMyName

      Because then you’d have to give him whisky?

      • Daemonius

        …and I don’t share my JW.

  • Nora Bora
    • Lunchbox

      I love this so much. So damn wholesome

      • Cayne

        like a sandwich with wheat bread

    • Ara Raven

      I NEED TO SEE THIS. It’s even better than that show The Devil Is A Part-Timer.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Can inter-galactic gods have sandwiches too?

      ALL HAIL! the sandwich maker ;D

    • slayz

      plot twist: he never gets the promotion, in fact he got fired from his job for drug abuse. he goes back to live with his parents, still doing drugs and getting high in his bedroom, oftenly talking to himself. that would explain why he’s home for lunch every time he gets a visit.

      (note: i did assume his gender, so please feel free to change it to whatever suits you)

  • Andre Poreskin

    I would do this…

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